Adlington Primary School - photo by Rebecca Bell

Adlington Primary School - photo by Rebecca Bell

I have learnt how to be a better actor. I will always remember to add the characters feelings. Drama has made me much more confident.

Year 6 pupil, Bradley School

When you came, you put confidence in us

Year 6 pupil, Bradley School

Jenny Harris is one of the most innovative drama practitioners active in community-based and applied theatre today. Her work has always been of the highest quality and has been inspiring for her participants and the diverse groups she leads.

James Thompson, Professor of Applied Theatre, University of Manchester

I liked it when we pretended to be someone else and people asked us questions.

Christian, Year 2

It is unusual to meet someone who is on the one hand so experienced and full of ideas, and on the other, is happy to be flexible, to adapt, and to develop the ideas of other people. The children in our school still talk about the project which Jenny worked on with us, and I’d love to work with her again.

Jack Sloan – Teacher, Chorlton Park Primary School, Manchester.

Jenny is fantastic….. she is the best drama teacher because she lets everyone take part in the show.

Year 3 pupil Normanton Junior School, Wakefield.

Our drama sessions with Jenny have breathed fresh inspiration and enjoyment into our more creative curriculum, especially literacy.

The children love our sessions, their writing has been more inspired and it has enabled those children who often struggle on written tasks to shine!

Dominique Davies – Year 1/2 teacher at St Paul’s Catholic Primary, Poynton

Jenny’s facilitation skills are outstanding and her workshops take young learners on a meaningful and creative journey, developing confidence, enriching the curriculum and empowering the participant throughout the entire process.

Janine Waters, Artistic Director – Waters Edge Arts Ltd.

I liked it when we were making the aliens because it was fun.

Kieran, Year 1

Jenny is a great team player and a sharp leader who demonstrates respect, sensitivity and an inclusive approach in everything she does.

Sue Caudle – Artistic Director DIY Theatre Company

As Artistic director of Chrysalis Theatre Company, Jenny created thought provoking, challenging, fun work which was always of the highest standard. Jenny is an exceptional leader, practitioner and artist.

Rachel Wood – Arts Development Officer, Oldham Council.